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The Fashion & Furniture Color Connection

Posted by Switch Modern on Jan 2, 2016 5:35:00 PM

Color forecasting is critical to the fashion, home, and interiors industries. Aligning your designs with the prevailing color trends can boost sales dramatically; failing to do so could turn potential customers away, as the products might seem irrelevant.

Twice a year, 10 experts convene at Pantone – the standard-bearer in helping designers select and specify colors – to choose the colors that will dominate runways and home goods in the future. Their inspiration comes from the worlds of street fashion, movies, current events, and more.

Trend forecasting is so much more than just a random selection of beautiful colors. Customers respond in an emotional way to relaxing hues and natural tones, perhaps as a way to escape from the chaotic, “plugged-in” lives we live. In an era where customers are sharing their favorite products on so many different platforms, it’s easy to see how the color trends in fashion make their way into the world of interior design and furnishings very quickly, and just how crucial it is to pay heed to the always-changing trends in the world of color.

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